It is often said that children are our future and our greatest resource. Yet opportunities for our children and youth to voice their needs and concerns are few and far between. And it is often our children and youth who suffer the most from poor decisions or lack of action by policymakers. Voices for Alaska’s Children gives all Alaskans the ability to speak up and be heard.

Family First Prevention Services Act

Today there are 415,000 children in foster care. The vast majority of federal child welfare dollars have been targeted for out of home care after a child has been removed from their home, with limited federal funding to keep children safely with their families and out of foster care.

Giving a voice to the unheard

Voices for Alaska’s Children is a grassroots, community movement that encourages Alaskans to speak up on behalf of our children and youth – giving a voice to those whose needs are often invisible and unheard.

What will you say?

Contemplate the challenges faced by children, youth and families in your community. And then give strength to your voice by joining the many others speaking up to make a positive difference for Alaska’s most valuable resource – our children.

Turn up the volume

Visit our online action center to find your elected official, subscribe to our mailing list, get the latest news, and take action on issues important to you and your community. You can also find an event, track bills, review advocacy tips, and access data.