Partner Organization Participation

At an organizational level, we can all agree that advocacy is a very important piece of the puzzle. However, few of us have the capacity to engage in ongoing advocacy that has a lasting impact. Issues such as inadequate staffing, lack of skills and knowledge about the political process, limited time and resources, and complexity of political systems are some of the barriers that we face in our agencies when it comes to participation in advocacy.

Voices for Alaska’s Children provides an easy and effective way for agencies to participate in advocacy on behalf of their clients.

How it Works

  1. Read our website and download our toolkit and guide to learn more about Voices for Alaska’s Children and become familiarized with the process.
  2. Once you decide to participate, get in touch with us. You will then receive a packet with postcards and more information about the message collection process.
  3. Choose a process for message collection. Ideas include:
    Agency events: Host a community event specific to your agency.
    Fairs: Have a table at a health fair or other fair targeting children and/or families.
    After school program or daycare center: Make a drop box available for messages collection on an ongoing basis or at a specific event held at an after school program or daycare.
    Facilities: Make a drop box available for messages collection on an ongoing basis or at a specific event held at facilities such as senior centers, long-term care facilities, youth centers, rec centers, etc.
    In your office: Place postcards and a drop box in an easily accessible place so clients and staff can fill out postcards at their convenience.
    Community meetings
  4.  Start collecting your messages, whether at an event or on an ongoing basis. Here are some tips:
    • Place a drop box in an obvious spot and provide clear instructions on how to fill out postcards.
    • Using a drop box will help participants not feel pressured and will allow them to write their message at their own convenience.
    • When collecting messages at an event, you will need to actively engage individuals.
    • Completion rates are highest when participants fill out postcards on site, so we discourage you from allowing people to take the postcards with them.
  5. Return ALL postcards, including those left blank, to Alaska Children’s Trust:
    Alaska Children’s Trust
    3201 C Street, Suite 110
    Anchorage, Alaska 99503
  6. Upon return of the postcards, each message topic and district of the sender who filled out the card will be tracked in Excel.
  7. Letters with the updated tracking information and explanation of Voices for Alaska’s Children will be sent to legislators of each district and notable committees.